Did you know that? – President Obama bans M1 Garand and Carbine rifles

Senator Rand Paul sent a letter urging Americans to protest a ban on the re-importation of M1 Garand and Carbine rifles.

Read his letter below:

Dear fellow Patriot,

Nearly 1 million American rifles.

Banned by a stroke of Barack Obama’s pen.

In a move unprecedented in American history, the Obama Administration secretly banned the re-importation of nearly one million American made M1 Garand and Carbine rifles.

The M1 Garand, developed in the late 1930’s, carried the United States through World War II seeing action in every major battle.

General Patton at the time called the M1 Garand “the greatest battle implement ever devised.”

The rifle is largely credited with giving American soldiers the advantage and securing victory for the allies.

During the Korean War, nearly one million of these rifles were brought to South Korea and left with the South Korean government afterward.

Now, South Korea wants to give American gun collectors the chance to get their hands on this unique piece of history.

A piece of American history that Barack Obama would like to see go down the memory hole.
After World War II, the United States government sent millions of these rifles overseas to our allies and friends.

Over the past 50 years, many of the countries we lent them to returned them to America to be bought and sold by firearms collectors.

This is nothing new.

Make no mistake; these rifles were made in America, by Americans, for Americans, to defend freedom on foreign shores.

As a part of our history, they are greatly sought after by American shooters and collectors.

But according to Hillary Clinton’s State Department there is a danger they might “fall into the wrong hands.”

That they might, possibly, one day be used in a crime.

No mention of the hundreds of thousands of gun owners deprived of the opportunity to own an integral part of American history.

The State Department’s outrageous claims are nothing more than a thinly veiled ploy to distract from the real issue:

President Obama’s deep seated hatred for gun rights.

While his gun-grabbing base is giddy with praise at this back-door gun ban, law-abiding citizens across the United States are crying foul.

Let me be clear: at no time in U.S. history has the ownership of this firearm — or any part of this firearm — been illegal, restricted or banned.

Americans have collected World War II M1 Garand and Carbine rifles for decades.

Now they are sold through the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

You can even purchase a newly manufactured model from Springfield Armory that was made just a month or two ago.

And the M1 Garand’s caliber or capacity is no more dangerous than the millions of modern firearms owned by Americans across the country today.

As you can see, there is absolutely no justification for this unconstitutional gun ban.

This is just the latest in a series of anti-gun schemes from the Obama Administration:

*** New BATFE regulations on semi-automatic rifles, requiring firearms dealers to act as an informant to anti-gun federal bureaucrats if someone buys more than one rifle;
*** The Disarming American Citizens Act (H.R. 2159 in the last Congress) letting Attorney General Eric Holder revoke the Second Amendment rights of ANY American he chooses based on pure suspicion;
*** Notorious anti-gunners appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court and other senior administration positions;

That’s why it is essential that Americans like you and I take a stand against the M1 Garand gun ban!

It has been common practice since the end of World War II to re-import these American made rifles from the foreign allies they were lent to during the war.

But the Obama Administration departs radically from the American tradition.

In fact, on top of banning American citizens from owning these historic firearms, Obama’s State Department is arranging for the destruction of nearly one million of them — ironically, at a time of ballooning federal deficits.

It’s an outrage!

These firearms — truly pieces of American history — rightly belong in the hands of U.S. citizens.

That’s why I’ve joined with the National Association for Gun Rights to fight this power grab in the U.S. Senate.

Do you believe the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment are the supreme law of the land?

Do you believe that President Obama banning the re-importation of these historic firearms is an unprecedented and unconstitutional power grab?

Do you support Congress forcing President Obama to reverse his ban and save these American made rifles from destruction?

P.S. In a move unprecedented in American history, Barack Obama secretly banned the re-importation of nearly a million American made M1 Garand and Carbine rifles.

The M1 Garand, developed in the 1930’s, carried the U.S. through World War II seeing action in every major battle.

Senator Rand Paul



  1. Timothy J Driscoll says:

    I think it is unfortunate that you published only a portion of the Rand Paul letter.You seem to have deleted the segment that indicates the true purpose of his letter; it is a fund raising letter. The complete letter can be found at Stormfront is a white nationalist and supremacist neo-Nazi Internet forum that has been described as the Internet’s first major hate site.

    As one who depended on the U.S. Rifle .30 Caliber M1 during World War II, which Paul mistakenly calls a Garand, it sadden me to see it used as a partisan political weapon and fund raising instrument. But, the right wing fundementalists will make money to further their message of hate, Fox News enjoys reporting the non-story and we have another reason to blame Obama for another non-event.

    • WarLord says:

      The letter is posted on more than just that site.

      As this is a Second Amendment issue, Stormfront isn’t the only one with this on their page. I suppose that all of these other sites are racist hate groups as well? But, in typical left-wing fashion any opposition to POTUS Obama’s policies and/or admin is framed as being racist when its the policy that goes against the very idea of freedom and the Second amendment that is what drives this as an issue.

      This isn’t a NON-STORY much to your, as I’m sure, chagrin. As many had said prior to his election about POTUS Obama’s real view of the 2nd amendment, as demonstrated by his limited time in office as an Illinois senator and the questionnaire that was “allegedly” filled out by one of his aides, we now have clear evidence as to his position towards the Second Amendment, self defense, and freedom.

      Were these rifles to be imported back to the US, as they should, at least part of the economy would benefit from it. Along with the many collectors who care to own one or more of these magnificent and historical American Icons from WW II and the Korean War.

      Also for proper clarification there were two rifles that carried the designation of M1. The M1 Garand and the M1 Carbine. The M1 Garand was chambered in .30-06 and the M1 Carbine was chambered in .30 carbine. This lack of knowledge on your part gives me pause as to the veracity of your statement as to “one who depended on the U.S. Rifle .30 Caliber M1 during World War II”. Any veteran of either the European or Pacific theater would have been well aware of this fact. As a soldier myself who has never carried either during service even I’m well aware that both rifles had the same M1 designation in their nomenclature.

      The US sold BOTH M1 Garands and M1 Carbines to South Korea and BOTH are being banned from being brought back to the US. So Paul is CORRECT and YOU are mistaken.

      Your ad hominem attack, if nothing else, exposes you as nothing more than an Obama booster. With that it becomes more of an issue of are we a nation of laws or are we a nation of men. The difference on the two opposing concepts can be clearly demonstrated in the fact that we separated from the “parent stem” of England as they were a nation of men under King George and we chose to be a nation of laws.

      Perhaps it would be best to read and learn a GREAT deal more about American history and what Americans believe in. Freedom, Independence, and Individual Liberty and that we intend to continue to exercise these rights.

    • paulfagan says:

      I have a m1 carbine and i want to sell it to some person that would give it a good home . I cant licence it here in Ireland but i thought it would be better in the states and someone could use it . I will give it for free to any one who can take it back to the us

      Respectfully Yours Paul Fagan

  2. John Smith says:

    Mayor Tim Driscoll’s comments on the M1.30 Caliber Rifle, proves that he has no idea what is happenning in Bergenfield, or across our great nation. Mayor Driscoll failed to see that the federal Government has made bold steps to take away our guns. States are passing laws confirming people in their state have the right to bear arms and transport them in their vehicles. I’m sure, as alot of you that this was a set back for the criminals. Also, for Mayor Driscoll since he has the time to visit the web site Stormfront, which is a white nationalist and supremacist neo-Nazi Internet forum that has been described as Mayor Driscoll states “is the Internet’s first major hate site”. It seems Mayor Driscoll has the time to visit a web site like stormfront, but doesn’t have the time as the leader of Bergenfield, to get a budget done or a audit that is way overdue. Why? Cannot understand why this man is going to seek another term in office, since he has failed to get things done on time and continues to waste time on things that the taxpayers of Bergenfield, have stated that they don’t want. Wake up Mr Driscoll it is time for you to step aside and let some new blood in, so Bergenfield can once again be pround.

  3. Timothy J Driscoll says:

    I’m afraid John Smith is a little confused by the fact of life and mixes too many seperate incidents into a single and absurd stew. He says my comments about an M1 rifle proves that I have no idea what is happening in Bergenfield. I don’t understand the connection. My initial criticism was that this web site published a portion of Rand Paul’s letter concerning selling Korean possessed M1 rifle in the U,S, The web site failed to mention that the letter was a fund raising letter for Paul and his right wing ideaology. This web site tried to make this some kind of nationalistic patriotic cause when it was a fund raiser and ripoff by some clever businessmen. The businessmen were trying to get the “summer soldiers and fair weather patriots’ in America to buy this rifle from them for DOLLARS after we had supplied them FREE to the Koreans to fight the Korean War. How this event belong in the Smith stew concerning Bergenfield’s local government is a stretch that I didn’t expect that even Mr Smith could conjure up even in his wildest dreams. And, why would anyone want to buy a rifle designed some 70 years ago when so many more efficient killing machines are avaiable today.Obviously Smith knowledge of the M1 is very limited.

    Smith also states that Bergenfield’s budget and audit are long overdue. As usual he has a little knowledge but few facts. According to the State which schedules these things, our budget is not due until the first council meeting after March 11th. That will be our regularly scheduled meeting of March 15th where we will be looking forward to Mr Smith’s cogent comments on how he would do things better than the present council.

    Before I go back to reading the neo-nazi Stormfront I will not answer Smith’s questions on borough audits. His assumptions concerning most of his drivel is based on what he hear or read from others who are also better at drivel than facts. I would suggest to Smith that by spouting inaccuracies for fact, he destroys his credability.

    • John Smith says:

      Well Mayor you also spouted alot of inaccuracies, in your statement. Like why at the council meetings you never gave a actual date when the town budget was due. You stated and I quote we can not present the budget until we know what state aid we are getting. We have to wait and see. No date given, if the due date was the first council meeting after March 11th, why not let the taxpayers know this. However as a true politician, you danced around the facts. You elected not to answer my question on audits, since you wanted to return to your reading of the neo-nazi stormfront web site. Is this because you and the present council are treating the audit as a evil, instead of a management tool. Our fiscal year ended June 30th for the year 2009. And Dec 30th for 2010. Its been nine months for 2009 and three months for 2010 and still no audit. STOP TREATING IT AS AN EVIL AND START USING IT HAS MANAGEMENT TOOL THAT IS NEEDED.
      As the leader of our town, one would think that you would use your time better. Instead of skirting the issues you should lay out all the facts. Unless you feel that knowlege to the taxpayers is a evil tool. Remember, the taxpayers did not create the budget. You and the council did. What are you afraid of.

  4. Elaine Burkham says:

    Fund raiser or not, did Obama ban the re-importation of these rifles?? Yes or No

  5. WarLord says:

    I just hung up with the NRA-ILA and this article is false as far as they know. President Obama hasn’t banned the re-importation of these rifles via an Executive Order. The ban was put in place, as we all know, with the US State Department and the Obama administration reversing its prior decision to allow the re-importation of these rifles.

    All we can do at this point, with a senate controlled by the Democrats is to wait and hopefully be able to gain enough votes in the 2012 election in order to override the administration if they win a second term.

  6. Timothy J Driscoll says:

    I think it is a little cowardly of the writer calling hinself “WarLord” to hide behind the curtain of immunity when he writes to this site and spout his verison of reality or questions the motives of other, If he is so confident that he is always right, I don’t understand why he is afraid to be identifified. One has to question his cowardlyness and pen name, they just don’t go well together.

    The cowardardly warlord can write anthything he wants about anything or anyone without taking responsibility for his actions or statements. That is the true sigh of a coward and certainly does not represent the ideals the warlord claims to represent. He has suggested that I should read and learn a great deal more about American history but I would suggest the same to him. I think he will find that throughout our history Americans heros have never hidden behind false names to protect their identity. The signature of John Handcock on the Declaration of Independence comes to mind.

    As part of my first and last history lesson to the cowardly warlord I would like to point out to him that the US Government named the two weapons he refers to in his March 10th post and he is wrong. The proper nomeclature for the rifle is the US Rifle, caliber .30, followed by a designation of the model number. The most common model was the M1 although I have personally used the M1C which was essentially an M1 with a sniper scope attached. It did not match the older M1903A4 Springfield for overall performance.

    While the .30 caliber carbine had a rifled barrel, the US governments official designation was not that of a rifle but rather the US Carbine, caliber .30, M1 or a higher number as determined by modifications. I am also personally familar with the M2 issue which could be fired fully automatis and carried a 30 round clip.

    I would think that anyone with the vast untapped knowledge of the cowardlly warlord would know that the government uses the M1 designation to indicated the first released model of military hardware. He should note that just because our .30 caliber carbine was called an M1, that does not make it a rifle by US military standards. Our Abrams battle tank also carried the same M1 designaton in it’s earliest configuration, I wonder if he would have called it a rifle?

    If owning an M1 rifle would increase his feeling of patriotism, I suggest, that in spite of the conspiracy he claims was perpetrated by an American president who doesn’t believe in freedom,they are still available for sales throughout the country.

    • John Wilde says:

      Being a nation of supply and demand (at least for now, till the administration completely controls intra and interstate commerce) the influx of “US Rifle Caliber 30″ and “US Carbine, Caliber 30, M1″ would drive down the price of the weapons available on the 2nd Amendment protected American free market. Wouldn’t that be nice? Knowing that citizens, deemed acceptible by their government overseerers and record keepers, could more economically procure weapons to make themselves more effective members of the citizens militia that we all are.
      Now if we could only get them out to practice a few times a year, we would truly be the nation that could defend itself from enemies foreign and domestic.
      It is foolish to prevent the importation of these rifles as they are not concealable, thus would not commonly be found used in drive by shootings or gang related violence, the arguement used by the state department for denying the import license. Nor would they be likely to end up in the hands of a Mexican Gang, unless of course the BATFE runs another taxpayer funded weapons supply investigation.
      Once again millions of American gun owners committed no crimes again today….

  7. Michael Fellion says:

    We all know Obama is anti gun, after all he is from Chicago, the city ruled by the mafia who don’t want any citizen to be able to defend themselves. He is also for undeclared wars like in Libya. He is giving Muslims a free ride on health care, they don;t have to pay like us Christians, look it up yourself. To be fair scientologists and Indians don’t have to pay either but why are we paying and not them? He does nothing about the millions of jobs sent overseas, does nothing about the pirates, does nothing about the Saudi invasion of Bahrain, does nothing about the killing in Iran, does nothing about the killing in North Korea and Darfur. He seems to think Shariah law is fine, you know the one that allows Muslim men to marry one year old girls and have sex with them, just read the news about Tunisia and Egypt where the Islamist want Shariah law. I could go on and on, just remember Obama was the guy for change, and he sure is changing things.

  8. Matt Carroll says:

    The M1 garand, chambered for a 30.06 (not the modified 7.62) is a collectible firearm and should be imported and delivered through the CMP. “why would anyone want one?”
    Because it is a collectible WWII firearm, and should not be destroyed.
    If the current adminstration and any democrats feel these are threats to the national security or potential impliments to be used in criminal acts, I would ask you to provide evidence of such weapons being used in any crimes.
    You won’t find any such evidence. The original M1 “carbine” was not automatic, and it came with a 15 round detachible magazine. The Korean war version was a select fire weapon. It was referred to as a carbine because of it’s small size and weight, and was intended to be used for weapon crews, support troops and officers. Neither rifle fits the dreaded “assualt weapon” stereotype” which gun fearing individuals slap on way to many historic /collectible firearms they do not understand or care to learn about.
    If you did indeed use this collectible firearm in service for our country, thank you. If you care to do the right thing and allow our country to reclaim these antiques from over 60 years ago, you will allow these items to be importetd through the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).

    But that wouldn’t be politically correct. That would be against you party lines. That wouldn’t be popular. So I guess like the other politicians in our country, you will keep waving your fist in the air and do nothing.

  9. Chuck says:

    What’s the executive order number? I’ve gone through all of them from 2010, and have found nothing. So, I conclude that it’s either before that OR that you’re unable to provide such a number. Since executive orders MUST be a matter of Public Record before they can be enforced, the number and date must be public info. What is it?

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